Ruth Coleman
Learning Where To Look

Hello from sunny Zambia! A lot has happened in the past few days and on many occasions we’ve simply had to stop and just be thankful. As we’re roughly at the halfway point of the trip, the shower and toilet are still working and the team are starting to compare tan lines. We are being so blessed out here in more ways than one. So let’s have a catch up…

Over the past few days the team have helped out at two feeding projects for the poorest and most vulnerable children. These children live without water and electricity in the most basic of compounds, and for most of them the porridge we gave them will be their only meal of the day. Yet these kids are so joyful and alive, truly knowing how to make the most of what they have. It was so great to watch the team get alongside these kids and creating new friendships and memories.

GoZambia17-Orphans GoZambia17-Orphans GoZambia17 - Kitwe Feeding SchemeGoZambia17 - Team Basket Ball

Through the fundraising of one of the team members Ben, a new basketball court is being built to bring community together and provide a productive focus for many of the young people. Alongside this, yesterday was the big match everyone had been waiting for: UK vs. Zambia. Despite the majority of the UK team never having played basketball properly before, it was a closely fought contest which we narrowly lost 11-10. Of course we’re saying we let them win! It was great to see the community come together and gather a big crowd to watch such a high quality, nail-biting, end to end match. But in all seriousness, it was a day that will long live in our memories and the community’s, for laughter, friendship and the start of a new way to improve the lives of the young people here. 

 GoZambia17 - Basketball CourtGoZambia17 - Zambia V UK
We feel truly blessed on this trip and God has been so good to us. As part of the trip, the team have been taking it in turn to share their testimony. This has been such a great way to get to know each other but also to hear about the way God demonstrates his faithfulness and power.

This is what Grace said to start her story:
“I used to think my testimony was pretty boring and generic but God has been showing me more recently how it is a story of His faithfulness, that I should not be focusing it on me and the performance of my story, but instead I should be looking up and using it for His glory!”

We’re learning that we are significant and have a story to tell. We’re learning that God is good and faithful and never gives up on us. We’re learning to look up and not down. When we look around we can sometimes just see darkness, difficulty and our mistakes. But when we look up, we find security and peace knowing that a God who loves us no matter what is on our side and is watching over us. That’s a pretty good thing to be learning about don’t you think? 

Love Ruth and the team x

For those who pray:

    • Continued energy for the team
    • For us to bless those around us as much as we can
    • Grow in our relationships with God
    • The shower to keep working!
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